Monday, April 26

interesting sights (& sites) while on sick day travel

Being sick is not fun - especially when it means you miss Spring Barrel Tasting weekend in the Yakima Valley.  :(  I've been at home sick in bed since Thursday night...finally got out of bed today - but only to see my doctor to make sure the antibiotic looks to be doing what it should be.  (Exciting life I lead, huh??!)

That said, the trip to see my doctor was made a bit more interesting when we passed an arm of a giant windmachine heading to the Puget Sound Energy Project in was so large it nearly spanned the length of two trailer beds!

The driver smiled as we passed - the follow caution car had radio'd up to him that we were taking pictures.  Looked like they were getting a kick out of our interest.  LOL  :)

Apparently the Wild Horse Renewable Wind & Solar Energy Center in Vantage, WA, is really pretty cool to tour.  I looked it up tonight, thinking another time when I feel better it would be worth a trip back.  Here's a brochure on the place and here's a video that shows the view from on top of one of the turbines:

Saturday, April 24

yea!! Carrie Underwood in Yakima, WA @ the SunDome!

totally excited - just found out we have Carrie Underwood tickets to her concert at the Yakima Valley SunDome this December!  they are on sale today; check out the SunDome site for more info!

"objection from a former sailor"

Woke up hacking my lungs out (I'm at home sick instead of at Spring Barrel - where I'd much rather be! sadness), so I decided to catch up on my Twitter/Blog feeds this morning (much luv to our local TW community!)...ended up running across this funny from @BlogSunnyside that I couldn't resist sharing:

Saturday, April 10

congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez!!

Just a quick shout out to two of my dear friends who tied the wedded knot today:
congratulations on your new lives together, Jay and Erin Sanchez!
You are a sweet pair and I pray for many many blessings in your lives together!